Altar Servers(1)
Altar Servers
Those who serve at the altar assist the priest and the sacred administration of his responsibilities during the sacrifice of the Mass. Typically, they are the cross bearer, those who carry the...
Altagracia Committee
Altagracia Committee
Contact the parish office for details. 
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ARISE in Christ
The ARISE Together in Christ Parish Team (APT) coordinates the recruitment and training of parish leaders for each season of the ARISE process. Holy Family’s English and Creole speaking groups meet...
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Bereavement Ministry
Bereavement Group is for people who have experienced a loss and after several months of grieving now enter into a new period of trying to grapple with the loss they have experienced. Our group is...
Black History Committee
Black History Committee
Our mission is to serve as disciples of change in helping to further cultural diversity in the Catholic Church. We wish to pass on our Black Catholic tradition to our church family and neighborhood...
Caminando Con Jesús  (Spanish Charismatic Prayer Group)
Caminando Con Jesús (Spanish Charismatic Prayer Group)
The Holy Spirit is alive and well in the life of the Church. Join our Spanish language charismatic prayer group and learn to experience the movements of the Spirit in your own life.   St. Laurence...
Choir (English)
We've heard your voice during Mass. Yes, you. Keep doing that beautiful singing that you do--just do it from the choir loft! Get in touch with our Music Director and join one of our Mass's choirs,...
Join the Cursillo movement by going on a retreat and continuing your walk with the Lord. This is a prayer group to support you in building your relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a Christian...